Thursday, 14 June 2012

Men's Shaving Tips For Goatee style

Goatee is my husband’s shaving style for over 6 years now and I think he has done a really good job in shaving and maintaining that neat goatee look! You see, shaving a goatee style can be a little tricky and you could end with razor burns when you are shaving incorrectly. So, on this blog post sponsored by The Art of Shaving, I would like to share with you my husband’s goatee shaving tips.

First, you have to grow beards to get that desired goatee look and then you will need these things:

1. Beard trimmer
2. Shaving cream
3. Razor

To shave beards into a goatee:

• Use a beard trimmer and trim your beard to a length which a razor can easily handle.
• Pre-determine the desired size of your goatee and shave the up to that border. Best to start wide and trim in until you like what you see, but always make sure that your goatee should not go pass your smile line.
• Always use a new or sharp razor to sculpt your goatee as this helps in shaving accurately and save you from razor burns.
• Start by applying a shaving cream to your entire bread, except the mustache and the portion that will eventually become the goatee.
• Begin shaving the side of your face and the lower jaw area.
• Proceed in shaving your mustache until you reach your smile line.
• Check and make sure that your goatee is even and check the underside of your goatee and trim up the edges until you get a smooth and uniform shape.
• Now you have your goatee!

Please note that to keep your goatee tidy, you will need to do some maintenance every few days.

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