Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Goatee Style Shaving Tips

I do not have a beard, but I do know how to shave a men’s goatee style beard as this has always been my husband’s preferred style. Now, I do shave him from time to time and been doing great! So if you want, you can follow these instructions of a good goatee style Shaving tips.

• First is to trim your beard into a shorter length using a clipper to a length in which the razor can handle.

• Then using shaving oil, rub it on your skin where the facial hair is. The purpose of the shave oil is that it allows you to shave smoothly and see the details as well as making your skin a little softer.

• Pre determined the desired size of the goatee and shave the goatee up to that boarder.

• Remember that the goatee should not go pass the smile line!

• Using a sharp razor, begin shaving the sides of your face going all the way to about a quarter inch to where you would like the goatee to begin.

• Then proceed to your neck and to your lower draw area doing the same thing, at this point you should have your goatee.

• Now, carefully shave along one side of your beard.

• Then double check the width and shave the other side accordingly.

• Check closely if both sides are even.

• Then move on to the underside of your goatee and trim up the edge until it is clean and smooth.

So there you go, good luck on your new goatee look!

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